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Client: The Savory Institute  |  Collaborator: i.e. Media 

Peter Lively: Director of Photography, Editor  |  Brad Riley: Co-Producer, Director  |  Jessie Marek: Co-Producer, Sound

For almost four weeks, we traveled to Norway, Sweden, South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Turkey, documenting the efforts of farmers, business people, garment producers, and chefs to help heal our land by transforming how we make and purchase food and fashion.  These 4 documentary episodes center around meat, dairy, wool and leather, to help draw attention to the incredibly powerful results that a global network of agricultural producers practicing Holistic Management brings to the table for a worldwide paradigm shift. These stories, captured in collaboration with bold food and fashion brands, are examples of success and the desired enduring change that is igniting a Consumer Revolution.  It was such a privilege to help create this series.

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