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Client: Just Media 

Peter Lively: Director of Photography, Editor, Associate Producer  

Henry Ansbacher: Co-Producer, Co-Director  |  Denise Soler Cox: Co-Producer, Co-Director  

Starring: Jenny Santos

This is a short documentary; part of the doc-series, ñ, which chronicles the varied experiences of American-born children of foreign-born, Latino immigrants.  


Jenny Ana Santos was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. She is a community activist who speaks up for staying connected to ones roots. In preschool, Jenny remembers being scolded by her teacher for speaking Spanish in school. Instead of internalizing that Spanish was wrong, Jenny shared what happened at school to her mother, who then reminded her that their family comes from a powerful people. Jenny’s mother continued to raise her in the context of celebrating the beauty of their culture. For Jenny, even at a young age, these teachings instilled a strong sense of knowing who she was and what she was meant to do.

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