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Client: Just Media  

Peter Lively: Director of Photography, Editor, Associate Producer  

Henry Ansbacher: Co-Producer, Co-Director  |  Denise Soler Cox: Co-Producer, Co-Director  

Starring: Henry Cejudo

This is a short documentary; part of the doc-series, ñ, which chronicles the varied experiences of American-born children of foreign-born, Latino immigrants.  


Henry Carlos Cejudo is an American freestyle wrestler, Olympic gold medalist, mixed martial artist and author. Henry’s parent’s are from Mexico City and he was born in Central L.A., raised in south Phoenix in a trailer outside a junkyard. Seeing how hard his mother worked when he was a kid, he committed to becoming the best wrestling champion in the world. In 2008, he became the youngest Olympic Gold Medalist for wresting in the history of the United States. Since his championship, Henry speaks out about the negative conversations he hears in the media about “anchor babies,” discussing that we are all American, but we all have different cultures and that’s the beauty of America.

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