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    Client: Just Media   

    Peter Lively: Director of Photography, Editor, Associate Producer  

    Henry Ansbacher: Co-Producer, Co-Director  |  Denise Soler Cox: Co-Producer, Co-Director  

    Starring: Fidel Paulino  |  Rolando Alvarez: Sound

    This is a short documentary; part of the doc-series, ñ, which chronicles the varied experiences of American-born children of foreign-born, Latino immigrants.  


    For Fidel Paulino, Sancocho is Saturday afternoon at the beach in the Caribbean and a way to connect with his roots. As a young man from New Jersey, Fidel had a strong desire to understand who he was and where he came from. Making up for years of not knowing, Fidel taught himself Afro-Caribbean music and dance. He profoundly states that Caribbean music is an avenue to tracing the long history of his people. Fidel explains that playing the Conga and making Sancocho helps connect him with the his African and Caribbean roots.