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Client: The Savory Institute  |  Collaborator: i.e. Media 

Peter Lively: Director of Photography, Editor  |  Brad Riley: Co-Producer, Director  |  Jessie Marek: Co-Producer, Sound

Chris Kerston: Host  |  Evan Wiley: Assistant Editor 

For almost four weeks, we traveled to Norway, Sweden, South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Turkey, documenting the efforts of farmers, business people, garment producers, and chefs to help heal our land by transforming how we make and purchase food and fashion.  With what we gathered on the trip, plus other trips to New York, Georgia, California, Texas, and Illinois, we created a 4-part documentary series, centered around meat, dairy, wool and leather.  The purpose is to help draw attention to the incredibly powerful results of practicing Holistic Management brings to the table and the closet. for a worldwide paradigm shift.

In this episode, The Story of Leather, we follow a few Holistic Management practitioners, researchers, leather tanneries, and business partners- Spencer Smith from the Savory Network Hub, The Jefferson Center for Holistic Management in California, Frank Zambrelli, fashion designer and founder of 1Atelier in New York, Dr Becky Chaplin-Kramer of Stanford University working with Kering Group, and Skip Horween of Horween Leather Tannery in Chicago, Illinois.

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